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  • IP67 Rugged Tablet PC
  • 5MP/2MP Camera
  • 1920×1200(IPS+FHD+600ANSI) 
  • "Customized with QR Code Scanning, NFC, GPS, and 4G Module"

F7N N4000 4GB+64GB(Windows 11 Pro)F7R RK3399 4GB+64GB(Android 11)
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Product Specifications 


 10.1"Inch  IP67 Rugged Tablet PC



280 × 184 × 26.5mm




1920×1200 Pixels

Touch Module

G+G Multi-Touch



Operating System



System Hardware Configuration:

CPU Type


CPU Speed

1.8GHz - 2.0GHz

Memory Storage


GPU Type

Mali-T864 GPU

Rich Interface I/O

I/O Ports

USB3.0 × 4
Type-C 3.1 × 1

Ethernet Port  × 1

Power × 1

Gigabit Ethernet Por × 1
HDMI2.0 × 2 Support 4K Display
SD/TF Card Solt 256GB × 1
3.5mm headphone (Output only) × 1

Professional Support


"We value customer satisfaction and offer a 30-day return and exchange policy. 

24/7 Support Desk

For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.

Rugged Cell Tablet - IP67 Waterproof, 1.5M Drop Protection,Dustproof

  •  The Higoel Rugged Tablet meets IP67 standards for waterproofing and dustproofing. It stays protected after being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.
  • The rugged design withstands accidental 1.5-meter drops onto concrete, plus dust, shocks, vibrations, and extreme temps.
  •  With a wide operating temperature range of -10°C to 55°C.

Tablets Details

  • Display : ‎10.1 Inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1200 IPS
  • Battery: 12000mAh
  • 5MP/2MP Camera
  • RAM: ‎4 GB LPDDR4
  • ROM: 64GB eMMC
  • OS: ‎Windows 11 Professional

RK 3399

The RK3399 is a powerful processor chip featuring a dual-core Cortex-A72 and quad-core Cortex-A53 architecture. It boasts impressive performance, fast processing speeds, and smooth multitasking capabilities. Additionally, it integrates robust graphics processing capabilities, enabling support for HD video playback and light gaming, thus delivering an exceptional user experience.

Vibrant 10.1-Inch Display

Experience stunning visual clarity on the 10.1-inch IPS+FHD screen with a resolution of 1920x1200. Enjoy vibrant colors and sharp details for an immersive viewing experience.

Various Interfaces

This product features multiple interfaces, including USB 3.0, 3.5mm earphone jack, SIM slot for 4G LTE, Micro HDMI 2.0, COM (RS232), Type-C 3.1, DC input, and DB9 (RS232).

Ultra-Portable Rugged Tablet

This rugged tablet features a compact design, measuring 280×184×26.5mm, which makes it highly portable and suitable for various environments.  

5MP/2MP Camera

Capture stunning photos with the 5MP rear and 2MP front cameras of this rugged tablet, perfect for outdoor work. Preserve precious moments and seamlessly engage in video conferencing even in challenging environments.

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